Terms of Service

Hosting your site with DropPages is subject to the following terms. If you would like to discuss any of them, please send an email to support@droppages.com.

These terms are liable to change without warning, but will remain fair and reasonable.

  • Sites containing objectionable, illegal or sexually explicit material will be removed.
  • All sites are subject to bandwidth restrictions. This is calculated on a daily basis based on the total bandwidth consumed by visitors to your sites over the previous 30 days.
Free websites
  • DropPages provides no guarantees over the availability of free websites.
  • Sites that no longer appear to be in use may be removed.
  • If the site appears empty or is not being used to host a website using DropPages then it may be removed.
  • Sites that are used as redirects to sites hosted elsewhere may be removed.
Paid websites

Premium websites include any that incur a monthly fee.

  • Failure to pay the subscription for a site may result in the site being removed.
  • The monthly fee only covers use of the DropPages service. Domain registration & hosting are not included.

If you have subscribed to a paid subscription plan then you will be charged every month until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel at any time from https://my.droppages.com/account/subscription. You will be charged every month even if you do not actively use the service. If you breach any of the terms of service, or a payment is not successful, then your subscription may be cancelled.