Changes you make locally are synced with your DropPages site as quickly as possible, typically within 1 minute. There is also a layer of caching that helps keep your site fast. HTML pages are cached for approx 60 seconds and other files for up to 10 minutes. To bypass the cache, you can append "?v=..." to URLs with a version number to force a new version to be cached. For example <img src="/images/logo.png?v=2" />.

Sync Reset

If you are experiencing sync problems, or changes are taking more than 15 minutes to show on your site, you can use the "Reset Sync" button in the control panel to perform a full re-sync of all your content. Please note this can take longer than a regular sync so should be used only in exceptional circumstances.

Create a _drafts folder

If you're making a large edit to a page, you don't necessarily want each save to be visible publicly.

Create a folder called _drafts and create new content here. When it's ready, overwrite the live version with your draft version. This way you aren't editing live content.