Managing pages

Site pages are stored inside the Content folder. A page is a text file containing HTML or Markdown content.

The page URL is generated from the file name. Spaces are automatically converted to hyphens, and file extensions are automatically hidden. For example, a page named "This is my new page.html" would have the URL "/this-is-my-new-page".

  • Page file names may contain letters, numbers, spaces, hyphens and underscores.
  • The default page for any directory should be named "index". If there is no file called "index" then the first file alphabtically will be used instead.
  • To control the ordering of pages in navigation, you can prefix a filename with a number, e.g. Numerical prefixes will be hidden from URLs and links.
  • To hide a page from navigation links, prefix it with an underscore, e.g. _my-page.txt. You can still navigate to this page without the underscore.