Best for blogs and documentation websites

DropPages allows you to publish website content quickly and effortlessly from your favourite text editor. You write Markdown, save it to Dropbox and DropPages will automatically create a web page and publish it online. DropPages is best suited for creating content heavy web pages like blogs and documentation.

Templates, navigation, friendly URLs, analytics and more

  • Templates provide a reusable layout across all web pages
  • Navigation menus are automatically generated
  • Clean URLs are automatically generated
  • Analytics can be easily integrated e.g. Google Analytics

Designed for SEO

DropPages is customisable to help you improve search engine ranking. This includes custom domains, SSL, fast page loading and mobile friendly designs. You can handle basic on-page SEO with appropriate use of title tags, friendly URLs, H tags, image optimisation, meta descriptions and canonical tags.

Get started quickly with a theme

Minimalist Blog

Why use DropPages?


No CMS interface to navigate, no software to install, no logins to manage.


Edit website content using your favourite text editor on any device.

No lock-in

Keep control of your content and easily transfer to other platforms.