Terms of Service

Hosting your site with DropPages is subject to the following terms. If you would like to discuss any of them, please send an email to dave@droppages.com.

These terms are liable to change without warning, but will remain fair and reasonable.


  • Sites containing objectionable or illegal material will be removed.

Free websites

  • I provide no guarantees over the availability of free websites.
  • Sites that no longer appear to be in use may be removed.
  • If the site appears empty or is not being used to host a website using DropPages then it may be removed.
  • If you delete the shared folder or remove yourself from the share so that DropPages is the only account with access via DropBox, the site may be removed.

Premium websites

Premium websites include any that incur a monthly fee.

  • Failure to pay the subscription for a site may result in the site being removed.